Screensaver runs/renders very slowly

We have developed a screensaver using OpenGL, and We are facing problems of slow rendering of it in few machines, whereas problematic machines are equipped with latest OS(WindowsXP), with latest graphics, OpenGL version 2.0.0.
Driver version
Vendor NVIDIA Corporation
Renderer GeForce FX 5200 Ultra/AGP/SSE/3DNOW!/forceSW
OpenGL version 2.0.0

I am not able to figure out the problem, can any one help me out in this.

Screen savers tend to run at low priority; is yours very CPU intensive? You do not provide enough information for me to give a useful answer, but a link to the screen saver would be a good start.

The screen saver uses very high quality images, and images gets rendered in the screen as zoom in, zoom out, fade out etc. this is coded using Ken Burns effect, It works fine in most of the latest machines but in few machines this makes system unusable because getting out of the screen saver takes 30-60 seconds)and in some systems , the screensaver runs VEEEERY slowly
some of these machine the user can’t get out of screen saver mode because it is so slow to respond, which has resulted in a hard restart.

Where as the system in which it behaves unpredictable is windows 98 as well as very high end configuration machines (with athlon processor, driver info is mentioned in very first post.).

Didn’t you spot the “forceSW” in the renderer string?
This machine is obviously configured to run OpenGL with NVIDIA’s SW renderer inside the driver. Just switch it back.
This tool does that
Or install newer drivers.

Nice catch, Relic. I missed that.

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