Screen Processing: One shot or batching

Hi OGLers,

I have been working on a graphics application involving blooming, motion blur and something, kinda image processing in which a quad is passed to a VS and input is processed in a FS, then put them together at the end of a frame.

For now I put all stuff in a single post-processing shader, something like:

uniform sampler2D bloom;
uniform sampler2D motion;
uniform sampler2D more_tex;
[shader codes to combine all effects]

The approach is ok, fat and crowded though as all effects separate from one another reside within a single fragment shader. So I am thinking of batching the post-processing jobs, something like:

bloomEffect.render(fb1, fb2, ...);
swap(fb1, fb2);
motionBlurEffect.render(fb1, fb2, ...);
swap(fb1, fb2);
[more cpp codes]

I notice all these could be packed in a job queue so it is nice for me to manage them all. What I concern is whether the batching approach is much slower than one-shot approach, or the lag caused by batching(like unnecessary VS in/out) is acceptable.

I saw someone posting about similar issue but my question is not answered. What you guys actually do in your applications? Thanks in advance!

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