Screen Input

Hi All !

I’m using messageBox to display information to the screen in my openGL program (VC++) as follows,

MessageBox(NULL, “Welcome to the 3D Contour Mapping System - Press OK to Proceed”, “Welcome Note”, MB_OK);

// Check if user wants full screen or not
if(MessageBox(NULL, “Click Yes to go to full screen (Recommended)”, “Options”, MB_YESNO | MB_ICONQUESTION) == IDNO)
g_bFullScreen = false;

However is there any way to use a messageBox or something similar to allow the user to type some text, i.e. a file name and for the program to take this as input ?

Sorry, I know this isn’t strictly and openGL query, but if any of you can help I’d really appreciate it !

You would have to create your own dialog box to do that! This site has some good tutorials on how to do that:

You need to scroll down a bit.

  • Halcyon