School project: Where to begin?


I’m starting on a four-month school project in the middle of January. My main objective is to create a model of a city and to make it possible for the camera to move through the streets. The city should be as realistic as possible.

I’ve completed Edward Angel’s “Interactive Computer Graphics” so I know the OpenGL basics, but I have no idea on where to begin. Could any of you point me in the right direction?

I’m supposed to use only C++ with OpenGL to complete this task. Would it be a good idea to use a OpenGL developing tool?


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Pretty simple, you want a demo object loader coupled with a matrix camera. Hack together someone else’s source code demo’s until it works, then slowly replace their code as you learn what they have done.

Start with the data. What will create the city data? 3ds max? Lightwave? Milkshape(brrww) Graba simple demo loader for that file type. For an example try :

Next create a camera system for moving around in the world. To learn about this I recommend:

I found that tutorial spot on.

Don’t make it pretty till it works, just turn on OGL lighting and ignore the texturing stuff for example.

This not game quality advice however it’ll do what you want, once there then make it look pretty or do other cool stuff.