Scene graph Data from the tree structure

Hi Everybody,
I am using flightgear-0.9.4 simulation s/w.
We are reading the binary file and putting all the data in the scene garph tree structure.

I have some doubts.
How are we taking the required data from the tree structure and placing into the frustum?

How are we placing the frustum into the scene graph?

plz take out some time to answer my querys.


Can you be more explicit ?

I want to know how are we setting the frustum
and where.


OMG! I don’t visit beginner’s forum usually, but I think you are the same guy who mailed the same question on advanced and glsl forum :stuck_out_tongue: , or probably someone from the same team!
Sheesh man/woman! I told you already to help yourself using google . A frustum is nothing out of this world. Just give it a shot for once :slight_smile: .