Scaling World Coordinates...

ok i have this points ive read it, about 100 of them and they are just single points representing depth, so i will use GL_POINTS(…) to render each point on the (x, point, y), whatever the point is. i would like to ask if the points are like 1000, 1500, 1200 etc etc how do i scale my world coordinates so 0, 1000,0 for example is not a mile down in my scene where i cannot see it. do i do that when i set up gluPerspective? i hope i have been clear, thanks all for the help and patience in advance.

I think the general consensus is that you designate that yourself. For every OpenGL unit, you can say its a foot or something. Then all your coordinates will now be in this coordinate system.

If you are talking about making it so that they are visible within your current viewing frustum, then you can do numerous things. Set 1 unit to be a mile or so, and scale your coordinates manually to represent this, or you can adjust your far clipping plane so that it contains your entire scene within the view.

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