scale wglUseFontBitmaps after creation ?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to scale the bitmap display lists created with wglUseFontBitmaps() after the have been created ? I know it’s possible to scale them before creation, but creating them every time i need another size is painfully slow. Anyone a suggestion ??


You probably have to glCopyTexSubImage your rendered text and map it to a quad, then you can enlarge and distord it as needed. (like “match begins in : 3,2,1,…” zooming text in Quake 3 Arena). It will be much faster.

Isn’t there a more straight-forward method ? Reading the framebuffer and mapping the data on a quad sounds reasonable for a single piece of text (What I suggest Quake does when it says, “match begins …” – sorry I’m no gamer ) [edit… i knew i am not confident with those smilies…]
What I need to do is draw a coordinate system and label the axes (which results in at least 20 single pieces of text, scattered everywhere in 3D space). Additionally, the labels should “be billboarded”, so currently I’m using glCallLists with bitmap fonts at a certain glRasterPos. If only I could make the labels that are nearer to the viewer look larger than the labels that are far away…

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Yeah I know, it’s a bummer isn’t it? If only openGL were a 3d API life would be so much easier…