Saving Register Combiner Output


Is there any way to save the result of a register combiner for later rendering passes?

Say it takes me multiple passes to perform lighting. Then, I want to use the combined result of all these passes for some other purpose. IS there anyway to do that?

Here is one possibility that doesnt work:
If I render the result to a texture, I can manuipulate the result and then texture map a quad. However, when I render the quad, I no longer have access to proper normals texture coordinates of a model.


Well if I understand what you want exactly, then maybe you can render to a texture, use glReadPixels to get the data in the pbuffer (the buffer you have to make when rendering to a texture) and then allocate some memory and store that data in there like you would any other texture. Then when you need that data, just bind it to a texture unit and do whatever ops you need to. Is this what you need?


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it was a simple gluProject problem.