Saving drawings in some format

I have been playing around with OpenGL and have programmed a few drawing programs. These programs were built in C Builder 5 and draw 2D images utilizing loops, sines and cosines. The images are really cool and I would like my program to save them in some sort of format(bitmaps?). Could some one point me in a direction other then a $60.00 book?

I just use raster files, easy format, and easily readable. Things like tiff can be a nightmare as there are so many different formats…
My friend uses png (I think) as it again is an easy format…


I use TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and some less common file formats…

For the first three, you can find specialized libraries that you can use for free, providing you mention that you use them in your program.


Using these libs enables you to support a really wide range of subformats within these formats (as stated above, TIFF can be a nightmare ! But JPEG as well…). No need to reinvent the wheel all the time !