Save Current Frame in 32bit-Bitmap -> How?


im im using GLScene in combination with Delphi and i was trying to Save a Picture from the current Frame.

At the scene is only 1 Cube, nothing else.
As result i would like to receive a 32Bit-Bitmap or PNG or TGA, where i can see the cube and inside the alpha-Channel only the cube is white and rest is black.

Is there a chance or way to do this?
And if yes, could you show me a way how to do this?

Thank you

The glReadPixels command can retrieve raw image data from the framebuffer, including the alpha channel data.

You will have to format the raw pixel data into a PNG, TGA, or other file format yourself before writing to disk. OpenGL does not provide file-format conversion services.

I have used this method to create a video of our game( We saved an screen shot each frame, then we converted all of those TGA file to one video file ) But I didn’t add an alpha channel to the final TGA image.
The code has been written in pure C++ . Are you interested to see the code? I have no idea about Delphi and can’t convert this code to that language :frowning: