S Buffer Method

Had anyone succesfully used the SBuffer Method?
If so, can you post some useful DEMO links?
Is SBuffer going to be implemented in OpenGL?
Is there any Hardware Support for this method?

Thanx, and excuse my foolishness,


The S-Buffer is intended for strict software rendering, so no there will be now hardware accelerated S-Buffer. As far as success goes, I have never implemented a S-Buffer however it’s counter-part the C-Buffer I have done.

You may want to read this link, http://www.cstone.net/~kyoung/sbuf_faq.html, it covers things very well. The C-Buffer is exactly the same except instead of maintaining information about all the span segments then rendering them all when the span is full. The C-Buffer will draw pixels to the framebuffer at the time, this means you only require knowing the segments of the span that are covered, hence the C, coverage.

Neil Witcomb