Runtime Error! Abnormal Program Termination

Recently I wrote two programs using a lot of newer features of OpenGL on Linux. I wrote them using GLUT and tried to make them very portable. However, when i ran them on windows, one of them runs, but hangs sometimes, while the other just hangs, then quits with the error : Runtime Error! Abnormal program termination.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on with this?


If you use extensions on Windows you must load function pointers. Simplest way is to use libraries such as glew. This is just a guess. Perhaps if you can provide us with some more info we would be able to help you better.
Another thing that crossed my mind is that Windows implementation of OpenGL may not support some particular feature you’re using. It could be an extension, too. For example - if you’re using some Linux-specific extension and do not check if it’s available, then your program will crash on Windows.
Or maybe your problem is not related to OpenGL at all? Just run your program under debugger and find out what’s going on.

Why not use a debugger to find out where it crashes ? that would be a good start I guess

Thanks for the suggestions. The program was crashing on a call to bind an FBO, when I stepped through with the debugger it wouldn’t crash, but when I let it run, it would.

It turned out to have to do with the drivers though. I had nvidia driver 84.21 installed, so I instead installed 81.98 and the programs work fine. I’m not really sure what was broken in between the two drivers, but the earlier version works and the later doesn’t.

Thanks though.

hmm… I must check my driver version on my old computer with GeForce 6600. I had some strange problem with FBO, too.

On GeForce 7800:

  1. create RGB_FLOAT32_ATI texture (linear filtering by default)
  2. create FBO and attach this texture
  3. change texture filter to GL_NEAREST

On GeForce 6600:
-crash at step #2
fixed - swap steps 2 and 3.

There was no such problem for RGB_FLOAT16_ATI and RGB8 formats.

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