running problem


ive made a small 3d program, its kind of based on the nehe toturial 10, but when i run the programm the gl window doesnt create anything its just a windows border with a transparent window in it. it also comes up with virtual memory too low but i hav 1024mb of ram in my computer. i think its the way im loading the bitmaps as im not using the glaux library, i know this is brief but can sumone point out the problem,any replies are appreciated.

Sounds like your bmp loader is leaking memory like hell. This is the point where you use your debugger to analyse what your application is really doing.

Well first place would be to maybe try some Debuging within your compiler

But it does sound like you leaking memory in some fashion

What size are you textures ?

How many Textures ?

What is your loader doing, is the calculation correct on the memory you require for the texture etc.

Are you loading things every frame ?

Does your application run for a while before the VM error message ?

With out more information its pretty hard to guide you in any sensible manner

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