Running OpenGL code in red hat linux 9.0

Hi,i wanted to know hot to run opngl code in linux…i have included the file glut.h in the header files directory…but still it is showing the errors related to glut.h so do we have to get some libraries for that please tell me as early as possible…

Since I can’t read your mind, I can only guess as to what some of the reasons for your problems might be:

[ul][li]You don’t have glut install[]glut.h isn’t in your include search path[]You don’t specify the glut libraries[]Your glut libraries aren’t in your library search path[]You have additional X11 libraries you need to link to[]You are running into the infamous RedHat glut problem.[]You aren’t writing your code correctly[/ul][/li]In order to narrow it down to what exactly your problem is, perhaps you could post the exact errors you are getting. Your post is equivalent to saying, “Hey, I’m sick. Can you tell me what’s wrong with me?”

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