Robot Arm

Hi help required ,

i am practicing to create this robot arm with fingers , can anybody give me the full code so that i will be able to understnd it .[ATTACH=CONFIG]1371[/ATTACH]

You won’t understand it if someone gives you the ‘full code’.
You have to work through it to learn it.
Start simple. Draw the first block, i.e. the one on the left of your diagram.
Look at intro tutorials to OpenGL to help you get started.
Note that the blocks are solid and are illuminated by a light source.
Also the background is white (assuming your goal is the arm in the figure).

Good luck. Have fun!

Take a look at at the “Hierarchical Modelling: Robot Arm” section

The code given can to be compiled with a simple “gcc glutArm.c -lglut -lGL -lGLU -o glutArm” when glutArm.c is the code source given

You can control the rotation of this arm using S,L,R,E (and s,l,r,e) keyboard keys