right perspective for rotating

first, I attached my project as a zip-File.
Now my task: I want to show a grid in the xy-plane (coordinates from (0,0,0) to (650,650,0)). This I have already managed. But now I want the plane to rotate around a given point (for example (300,300,0)) and to look at it from a given angle, for example 45° in respect to the vector (0,0,1), so you can see the plane rotating under the “camera”. Later there will be objects in the middle of the plane, I want to make the viewer think he is circling above the object.
Can anyone please help me to do that? I tried already the function rotateBy from the example textures, so I got the automatic part working at least. But I only want to rotate around the z-axis (this is why I changed the input of the rotateBy function to rotateBy(0,0,-1*16). But the grid is still rotating around (0,0,0) and also not at a good angle.
The resizeGL function I got from a friends code, but I don’t actually understand how it works (and I can’t ask him :frowning: )
Obviously the MouseMoveEvent Function does exactly what I want, if I can use the mouse. If I move the mouse in y-direction it tilts the screen just the way I want it. But I can’t seem to get this code working in the PaintGL Function, where it should tilt the screen automatically.
I appreciate any tips! If my question isn’t clear enough, please ask. I also attached a picture of how I want the screen to look.[ATTACH=CONFIG]828[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]829[/ATTACH]
Thank you!


did you solved it allready … otherwise lezs just take a look together on skype or teamviewer …
skype: uwi2k2 … i guess we can solve this.