Apologies if this has been posted before. Did a search and cant find anything though.

How do I convert RGB to greyscale. I know it is a function of the RGB values, then divide by 3 and place this value into the RGB of the framebuffer.

What is the function? Do i just add RGB together and divide by 3. I thought thought that different colours contribute different amounts to the intensity.

You haven’t searched for long enough !



Normally I wouldn’t do this, but given the extremity of the situation, I have to ask: what exactly did you search FOR? A simple search for “grayscale” brings back numerous threads that have already answered the question. And “greyscale” brings back numerous relevant hits as well. (I notice you used both spellings in your post, and if this was done accidentally, it might be accepted that you would only search for one of them.)

If you really did do such a search, and really did read those threads, and still have questions, then ask THOSE questions. But please don’t waste everyone’s time asking “how do I convert RBG to grayscale”? It’s already been answered.