resource for cut extrusion code??

Hello all,

I have been Google’n how to code a simple cut extrusion and have not found anything good or remotely what I am looking for. Perhaps “cut” is the wrong word?

Anyway, I have created a modeler to draw extruded walls both angular and curved. Now I would like to be able to “cut” a hole in these walls for door ways and windows and the like. I have some colision detection code already but I am really at a loss to know where to begin coding a negative or “cut” extrusion.

Does anyone have any links or resources??

Much appriciated…

Try Computed Solid Geometry, or perhaps Polygon Intersection…

(In google, that is).

Sorry I don’t have any references, I don’t keep such things, but I remember google having loads.

Try Planar Intersecion, too, Polygon Intersection’s might mix 2D and 3D results.

It’s Constructive Solid Geometry, short CSG :wink:

Thanks Guys!

Is there any FAQ for CSG?
Also I am using C# to program my application not C++ - will that be a problem?

Since I am rather new to 3D programing I’m hoping to find something rather explanitory maybe a tutorial?

I’ll see what links can tell me.

Thanks again

Quick Question:

Will CSG -being solid modeling - allow for parameteric modifications?

Example: if I create a solid wall and a boolean object for the window hole, will I be able to move that window by its points @ run time?

That depends on the CSG method. The method OpenCSG uses does all calculation at runtime, so this should be no problem.