Resolutions higher than VGA on Dell Axim x50v?


Dell sell a cable to connect the Axim x50v to an external VGA monitor. Does
anyone know whether it’s possible to tweak the display driver etc. to output
higher resolutions than VGA, e.g. SVGA (800600) or XGA(1024768)?

The particular use isn’t to run the PPC interface at a higher resolution but
rather for a custom OpenGL app using the PowerVR OpenGL ES hardware
accelerated implementation.

I know the graphics chip used by the Dell, Intel’s 2700G chip is capable of
higher resolutions, it’s more a question of whether it’s possible to tweak
the PPC driver to enable those resolutions etc.


very good question - without mirroring switched on, the external display frame rate looks about the same as on the x50v display. My guess is that to answer the question about external resolution you’d need access to the intel 2700g SDK at Intel’s premier developer site, which I believe costs.

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