Resize after drawing points with glVertex

Hello all,

I use glVertex to draw entire images, pixel by pixel, using pixel intensity information that I get from source data. The source data is a listing of pixel intensity and position (not an image). This works fine if the size of the image I want to draw is the same as the original data, but if I enlarge the window, I am left with blank space between pixels.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to rezise my image and still have it appear complete?


If your data is ordered in line/columns, just create a texture of it : instant bilinear filtering !

Apparently it is not, so you have to use a different way of interpolation.
One possible way is to build a 2d surface out of your points, using delaunay triangulation : you will get linear color interpolation between vertex.

you can create quads out of your points, then when the image is scaled the quads will scale with it. You can also do as Z says, and create the image as a texture… I think I’d rather do what Z says.