Request all API list of OpenGL 1.3 Specification

I am looking for all API list of OpenGL 1.3 Specification.

But it’s hard to list all functions because the specification file(glspec13.pdf) does not list all functions.

I have to look at all pages for listing all API functions.
and It’s hard to find a gl.h file of OpenGL 1.3 even though in the google.

could you please send the gl.h of OpenGL 1.3 to my e-mail?

or please let me know the way to get gl.h(all API list) of OpenGL 1.3

It might help to know for what you need such a list.

Anyway, GLLoad has header files for different OpenGL versions (, the oldest is 2.1 but there are individual headers for all functions that were added each version (e.g. _int_gl_1_3.h), maybe this will help assembling a list of GL 1.3 functions. has all the entry points listed by OpenGL version/extension from OpenGL 1.2 upwards.

OpenGL 1.3 would be all the entry points from the GL_VERSION_1_2/GL_VERSION_1_2_DEPRECATED/GL_VERSION_1_3/GL_VERSION_1_3_DEPRECATED sections + the functions from gl/gl.h