req some direction to opengl tutorials

hi, im still somewhat new to opengl, can anyone point me to

  1. a good tutorial that explains the what the 4x4 matrix parameters in both the projection and model matrix do. I have seached lots on the net and cant seem to find something that address this explicitely

  2. a good 3d engine to use for developing a 3d model viewer. Im looking for something that loads many 3d file formats, and still allows me to manipulate the viewport and model space with basic opengl commands. Im not looking to develop games.

  3. a tutorial on how to use opengl from the c++ .net 2003 managed enviroment.

any advice appreciated


Hi !

Have a look at the OpenGL spec. (you can find it on this website as a pdf), it contains a lot of details of how it all works.

There are lots of 3D enegines, and the choice depends on what you want to use it for, have a look at and you will find most of them if you search there.