Rendering *without* super sampling?

I am trying to use an OpenGL library “Visualization Library” which uses FreeType to do a very good job of rendering text. However, I find that if I go into the nVidia Control Panel within my Windows 7 Control Panel and select an antialising mode setting that includes “SS” (super sampling) then the text appears very blurred and almost unreadable. Without SS the text is rendered crisply.

Is there a way to programmatically make parts of the code “immune” to super sampling i.e. turn on/off some setting that will ensure the rendering of the text is done without SS to avoid the bluriness?

I am not sure how the driver settings interact with the actual program code so please forgive me if this seems like a stupid question.

Create a FBO that doesn’t contain any renderbuffers - use only textures. This should make you immune to driver-tinkering, which usually happens only on the default framebuffer.