Rendering context issue


I’ve seen a lot of stuff on this but none responds to my issue.

I’m working on a simple application that will be launched from within a host application. Each application has an OpenGL control to render some technical stuff on it.

When I launch my application independently of the host application, everything depicts well. However, when I launch it from within the host application, my OpenGL becomes black and nothing can be drawn on it.

In technical terms:

  1. I’m creating the DC with GetDC()
  2. I’m setting the pixel format with ChoosePicelFormat()/SetPixelFormat()
  3. I’m grabing the current render context with wglGetCurrentContext()
  4. I’m making my OpenGL current rendering context with wglMakeCurrent() - Here GetLastError() is returning an error 0007D0

Do you have an idea of what could be wrong?

Thanks a lot!!