Render to video-file??


is there any simple(!) way to render to a video-file (avi, mp4, …whatever)?? Concerning “simple”: I currently just want to record some clips and i know there are some 3rd party tools recording the content of a window. So if it gets too complicated it’ll be enough to use these but - however - it would be better to have an own solution…


This doesn’t really have anything to do with OpenGL. I would take a look at the libraries that popular video player and transcoder tools are built on, such as mplayer, vlc, ffmpeg, etc. You can probably just use them. If you are targeting specific playback hardware (e.g. GPUs), then take a look at the video playback libraries supported by that hardware vendor.

Okay, thank you. This was where i was thinking about. But that’ll get too complicated. So i’ll look out for an application that does it.