Render to texture

Hi Masters,

I actually port a game from Win32 / Direct3D to Mac / OpenGL but I’m absolutely new to OpenGL.

The current Big To Do is to reimplement the render-to-texture function in OpenGL. Please help me where can I find more information, code samples, howtos, etc. to start.

As I mentioned above it happens on Mac but I’m interested in general solutions too.

Thank you in advance,


no expert on this myself
but using the search function on the “advanced” forum, should give you a lot of threads on this topic

while I saw such extensions for windows and glx, no clue if mac offers it as well


perhaps it could be useful to know something about the image pipeline in opengl :

Stangely RTT is depending on the windowing system.

I coded it under windows, so you will have to adapt all the wgl* calls :

If you can be patient, you should wait for the upcoming ARB extensions which are easier to use, platform-independant, and cleaner in general.
If you have to release your game, say, before the end of the year, you can just forget what I’ve written since the spec release and driver support will take quite some time.