Render to Texture with new Detonators...still Sucks !!!

What is the deal. I was hoping that the new Detonators would fix the speed issue with render_to_texture/Pbuffers. It doesn’t it. It is faster than before. WIth the 80’s it was faster to do the copy your self. Binding the pbuffer was 3 to 4 times slower. NOw with the new 90 Dets. its faster but its still about 1 to 2 times slower. ITs better but i swear the gl driver is still doing a copy and The way its doing the copy from the p-buffer is still slower than the application doing the copy.

I was under the impression that render_to_texture purpose was to save the unnecessary copy and truely and honestly rendering right to the bloody texture. Even ATI’s implementation does actually render to the texture, they have the extra copy extension to do that.

So what is the point of render_to_texture if it cleary doesn’t actually render to texture?


It’s supposed to. The recent set of Leaked 29.?? drivers, dont actually claim to have this fixed. Chances are they are various builds given to developers for other things.

Wait until the next official set, or ask specifically which ones will have the fix in.

Perhaps they’ve hit more problems trying to fix it, and it will take a little longer.

For a 1024x1024x32 texture with auto-generated mipmaps, I get 26 FPS on a GeForce3/Athlon 1400mhz and 60 FPS on a Radeon 8500/P3 500mhz.

Copying from the backbuffer to a texture is faster on both systems, so I suspect it’s something related to rendering to pbuffers ( copying from a pbuffer is also slower than using the backbuffer ).