Render Algorithm

Can someone tell me about rendering algorithms? Sush as

->Load all object data
->Load all Texture data
->Enter game loop
—> ???
—> ???
->Exit Loop
->Terminate program


It looks like a pretty general question man and this is not really OpenGL specific…
for the usual you can have a look to:
etc, etc, etc ;))
Moreover you should search with google for
‘free 3d engines’ and start to read some source code’ to get the idea of what could be found inside a 3d engine prj and then make your own idea about this issue’
As a matter of fact, there is not only one way to make a 3Dlib or game prj but looking around what are doing others people could give many clues and think different! :slight_smile:

Finally I’ve started to write some bull****s
about programming gamedev etc… etc… (mainly for beginers i must say) so you can look at this here:
(More articles about 3D engine programming and so on and so forth should follow depending on my spare time! :wink:

That’s it!

hth :slight_smile:

Yeah…download the quake engine if you want to look at some cool (but messy) code. Any engine written in C will be easier to read and learn from, btw (for me at least).