Remote Control Car

I am having a little problem with my computer engineering class assignment.
Objective: My objective is to first get a remote control car, and use the remote and connect the (BACK, FORWARD, LEFT-TURN, and RIGHT TURN) and use bread-boards and parallelput to control the car with out the bottons, but commands using turing (DOS VERSION)

here is the program that i have**(which doesnt work )

var n:int
get n
parallelput (n)
delay (10)
end loop

/*where they put like n=1 so it sends power to parallelput 1 and it is the right turing button wire.

I am very new to turing and i do not know how to do it. Please help me.

*My major problems
-When I connect ALL four wires (which care connected from EACH of the buttons) the car WITH OUT the program goes back wards and turns right. I have tried using 2 bread-boards, but no such luck.
Please help me, to whom ever knows this. And please tell me ANYTHING that might help.

This is not an openGL question, but you need to control which parallel bits are turned on when you write to the port.

Example you have 8 bits on the parallel port.
bit 0: Right turn
bit 1: Left turn
bit 2: Forward
bit 3: Back

Drop me an e-mail and I can give you a hand.

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Just goes to show: if a forum is sufficiently technical, you can get any technical question answered.