Remember Webmonkey?

Hiya Good People,

Anyone seen the site “webmonkey”( .com )
Well it is an html-webbing how to page for the absolute brand new of the NooB-ees!
I mean if you went on here without knowing a thing and took the time to read the articles as suggested you would concievably become a decent lil webber!

    Well, I have this BURNING DESIRE to learn programming but all I have ever done is dabble and work (single parent) wont allow me time for school right now as Im working 2 jobs already so I am left with this depressing hangup of not being able to chase my dream of being a wannabe proggie!

      Can anyone help me out with a direction here, is there a place like webmonkey for the starting coder? Lord, I am so  frustrated and all I wanna do is sit in front of this machine and bang on the keys and gain a sense of accomplishment as I actually create.  I also know theres a ton of math or there can be a ton of math but I never had a prob with math before so........

Help, help!! Man goin down, throw me that lifeline please! is the obvious place. There are hundreds of tutorials on the web. You can get sample code for OpenGL in the SDK, have a look at the sgi website, get hold of the red book, free online somewhere, buy a good c/c++/delphi/whatever book. May want to look at using GLUT to start with as this will simplify your life while you learn.

Thanx SO MUCH Gavin! I feel like I am breathing easier already! “Bad day at Blackrock” here today (New York) I am so tired of all this Twin Tower stuff, we all lost good people there without a doubt but I dont think true healing starts until you start to put it behind you and that doesnt happen in 1 year or 2 with loved ones I am afraid.
Took me many years to get over the death of my wife and its just now that I can honestly say that I am willing to look again! (close to 8-1/3 yrs.) We were together awhile BUT ANYWAY, thanx again and I will SURELY take you up on your suggestions Gavin!!