Relief mapping and textures

Hi, I’m here new and also new to openGL and graphics programming.

I’m trying to create a relief-mapped scene of a few cubes on a plane and the aim is for this to have parallax effects. I am going to reuse available code for the relief mapping technique (more specifically cone step mapping) but I am having a bit of trouble setting up initially.

I’ve made the scene using geometry and have saved four view points of the scene as textures (one view is attached below) and applied them to the sides of a square-pyramid - this will serve as the basis of the textures I will try to relief map.

However I can’t find any resources specifically about modelling via textures and relief mapping and I am not sure that I am doing this correctly. At the moment the pyramid has each texture applied to the side but the cubes do not line up when viewing it from a diagonal angle - is this normal? I was told that the image-based model should look the same as the geometric model (minus parallax obviously).

I hope I’m making sense here.

Any help would be appreciated