Registry Needs to be Updated

It looks like a few vendor extensions have graduated. But the Extension Register either list the new extensions name or the old extensions (and sometimes both).

The left column below is what I have in my extensions string. the right column is what i think the extension is promoted to.


NV_texgen_reflection    --> EXT_texgen_reflection
EXT_texture_cube_map    --> ARB_texture_cube_map
SGIS_texture_edge_clamp --> EXT_texture_edge_clamp
EXT_texture_rectangle   --> ARB_texture_rectangle
ATIX_texture_env_combine3 --> ATI_texture_env_combine3
ATIX_texture_env_route  --> NOT FOUND
ATIX_vertex_shader_output_point_size --> NOT FOUND
SGIS_multitexture       --> ARB_multitexture
SUN_multi_draw_arrays   --> EXT_multi_draw_arrays
WIN_swap_hint           --> NOT FOUND

These showed up while my program errored on fetching the specification from the registry.

SO, when an entensions get promoted, the old spec disappear! THen any program that look up the register would err looking for that old extension. I would have expected a old extensions to be there, with the added message saying that the extension got promoted to another extension.

I notice 3Dlabs has an updated listed of some extensions.

(comments are welcome, while i do recode my proggie.)

EXT_texture_rectangle is the same as NV_texture_rectangle, but it’s different from ARB_texture_rectangle (the ARB defines access to rectangle textures from GLGL).

On ATI you have EXT_texture_rectangle.
On NVIDIA you have both NV_texture_rectangle and ARB_texture_rectangle.

It’s a bit weird that GeForce does not report EXT_texture_rectangle.

-EXT_texture_edge_clamp core in GL 1.2
-ARB_multitexture is core in GL 1.2.1
ARB_texture_cube_map is core in GL 1.3
-ARB_texture_rectangle will neve go in. Instead, ARB_texture_non_power_of_two is core in GL 2.0
-ATI_texture_env_combine3 is a nice extension but ARB didn’t back it up
-EXT_multi_draw_arrays is core in GL 1.4
-WIN_swap_hint is a windows specific thing. It’s useless. Choose the correct pixel format.

The registry is a database of all extensions created. Extensions aren’t removed. Some are actually not listed there.

ah. thanks for the replies. this helps.