Register Combiners wierd error?

could someone please explain why the following line works:
but this one dosn’t
It just gives me totay white color. Both colors are loaded with same values. I’m running WinXP/GF4-4600/Detonator 40.71

Any idea? Driver bug?

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Is the EXT_secondary_color extension even available?
Are you using glSecondaryColor3fEXT() or one of its variants to specify a color?

EDIT: Sorry , must be supported… GF4

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Plus you cant use the same variable for two different inputs.

I’ve tried both. Trough glSecondaryColor3fEXT and trough vertex programs. The result is the same.
I should make some other points. It works for RGB part, but not for ALPHA. This is the problem.

The secondary color does not have an alpha component. That is why there are only SecondaryColor3 entry points and not SecondaryColor4. This applies even with vertex programs.

The only other thing I can think of right now is that maybe your forgetting to send alpha values?? Also, you have to use two different variables. If you use A and B, it will take the alpha values you send for use in the final combiner equation. I believe that any rgb values you send have no effect if your using the alpha component.

EDIT: Ah I forgot about that, your have to devise another way to do what you want.

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