Reduce top frame in GL Reference Pages

It would be much appreciated if you could reduce the enormous top frame in the GL Reference Pages. I often browse the
refs on my netbook where the OpenGL logo and the navigation links take up 1/3rd of the screen, leaving little room for the
actual item of interest: The docs.

Also, could we keep legacy GLSL refs arround for the versions associated with the legacy GL? So with 3.3 there could be a
legacy 1.5 GLSL page - that would be great.

You could always use the Wiki’s docs.

I don’t know what you mean exactly. For me when I open the man pages they don’t show anything else than the actual information, e.g.:

Edit: Okay, my bad. I usually just do a google search, e.g. “glDrawArrays” and then I’m always led to the actual content only. Apparently, if you read the frame based “man browser” then you get that big header.

Right, you just see the content of one of those frames, lacking the left “nav bar”. I guess google site search is a way
arround this problem then, thanks for the idea! No less, it would be good if the top frame could be removed in the actual
browser (or at least reduced).