Recommended modellers?

i’m trying to find a 3d modeller that can save in a gl vertex array compatible(ish) format.

any suggestions?


i would suggest blender its free (not open source though) and it has a python api for writing export scripts. personally, i dont really like python all that much, but its usable, and ive used it to write export scripts for what im working on. also, there are export scripts available for some highly doucmented formats like renderman and pov, so you could write a conversion program in c (or whatever else you are comfortable programing in).

the problem is, while the program is really powerfull, it has a very steep learning curve. i would suggest buying a book if you think you are really going to use it (books on how to use blender are available from their site, and i have seen both books at my local barnes & noble’s)

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