Recommended Cross-platform Toolkit

What’s a good cross-platform toolkit? I’ll be using it to create a 3D game for a class, and I’ve heard GLUT can’t recognize multiple keys being held at the same time. The toolkit will need to work with Mac OS X and Windows.

-Dogcow “moof!”

Google for “wxwindows”…

Documentation seems to be rather scarce. Suggestions on how to learn it or a different toolkit?

-Dogcow “moof!”

There is a posting on today’s OpenGL front page that looks almost useable:

Supports Linux too.

GLFW . Well documented. Supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc. Focus is game applications (great input support, best timer around etc). There is currently no native Mac OS X support (not finished yet), but it runs well under X11 under Mac OS X (Jaguar).