Recommend me some good graphics books please

I want some good graphics books for further understanding of computer graphics.Currently I have the following books,

1)OpenGL red and orange books.
2)Morgan Kaufman essential mathematics for games and interactive apps.
3)Morgan Kaufman adv graphics prg using opengl.
4)Realtime rendering by akenine moller et al.

Can some one recommend me some good graphics books that provides some good depth into computer graphics and shading.

Thanks in advance.

The Orange Book and The Red Book, although the latter is out of date somewhat, are both excellent resources.

The OpenGL SuperBible is also good.

But with what you have you have most of it covered.

Other good resources IMO are this web site, and the LightHouse 3D tutorials.

Are you looking for OpenGL info. or CG info in general?

Ya both will be good for me.Since my work is on CG and I am using Opengl as my prg language.

For “good depth into computer graphics and shading”, Real time rendering third edition is awesome. The related website is really nice too:

There’s also the ShaderX and GPUGems series that are nice. Some or all of the GPUGems are available for free online I think.

Some or all of the GPUGems are available for free online I think.

All of the GPUGems and the CG Tutorial books are available on

yes,Currently Im reading this book.This book is gr8.

Advanced Graphics Programming Using OpenGL - explains many things for advanced effects. Most of them fixed-function but the ideas are nice.

Another fine tome…

Another good graphics book is from Foley and Van Dam et al., Computer graphics Principles and practice

noticed that you already have Advanced Graphics Prg. using OpenGL.