Really new at this (multi platform)

Well, I just took on a project at college, that involves developing a courseware for some of the courses in electronic engineering and communications. The focus will be to help students understand physical phenomena (eg. wave propagation) through visualization. I intend to take some equations, and make the parameters interactive, so students will be able to see how the changes affect the whole thing.
Now, the problem is, I’d like to make it run on several platforms, and since I’m pretty new at this (must be finished by december), I’d like to know if there’s any programming language that will allow me to do this. So the student will be able to run the courseware on Linux, Solaris or Windows.

Thanks for all the help in advance.

Hi !

You can getpretty good platform independent OpenGL app with SDL/GLUT (there is also a few others), but if you also need GUI input it’s becomes more messy.

But you could have a look at (C/C++) Fltk and FOX, if you like Java you could use that with gl4java/jogl.

Qt 2.x is free on all platforms also if you can live with the license conditions for Windows.


Thanks for the help, I’ll se what I can cook up!