Really beginners question

Hey all,

I just started opengl coding and bought myself a book to get some practise (opengl superbible 3th edition).
This book contains some great examples and explanations but i’m stuck somewhere (prolly something stupid)

I’m drawing some dots moving up and down, next 2 horizontal lines to split the screen intro 3 parts and then I wanted to try to show a rotating textured cube in between the middle lines. I tried some code from NEHE but it still does not work. My window gets black after the lines scene.

Does anybody has some time to help this rookie a hand ?
I uploaded my sourcecode here:

Thanks a lot for helping me out already


hey DeXtr0, maybe you should start with some demos that work. make life a bit easier. i know nehe has some demos that work.

Hey Bonehead,

I did already but I could not found a combination of simple dots & lines together with cubes.
Or maybe I missed some stuff…

give this site a try:

they offer lots of demos in sdl and glut. might be easier than foolin with all the windows crud. glut is fantastically simple to use, and perfect for demos and learning things in opengl – its a grab for sure.

you can grab the glut win32 bins here: