Reading OBJ files in an OpenGL program

Lately I have been drawing models in 3D studio max and Poser and then exporting them to obj files. I want to write a program that reads an obj file and draws the vertices within the file in your scene. (not during runtime)

I know this can be done because I have seen it on Nate Robin’s tuturial programs, but when I tried to use the header he used, my compiler gave me errors when trying to create the program’s object file; it said it couldn’t resolve certain declared symbols in the header. This is probably because I don’t have the library for it.

If anyone knows of a header file, or something that can read obj files and then draw them in an OpenGL program (not during runtime), I would be very grateful if you emailed me at

Or, if someone has the library to glm header by Nate Robins, and he doesn’t mind other people using it, also, please e - mail me…thanks!

Why dont you just make your own library in vc++? Shouldnt that solve your problem? Usually #include should work, but sometimes it doesnt. I used GLM before with the same result. I made my own library and it worked.