Read the Superbible without the wrapper library

Hey guys!

So, basically I’m wondering if someone who was just beginning has tried going through the OpenGL Superbible without the wrapper library.

The reason I ask this is because for me it’s a bit pointless to just read the code on the book, I feel the need to write and tweak it myself to let it really sink in.

The problem is: the SB7 project from the author’s Github is very tightly knit, and adding new classes to it (which I’d code as I read the book) breaks the whole project and is a huge pain. Also, the code that’s already provided is not clearly labeled, the names just seem random, and to do a project-wide Control-F for every code in every page is just plainly annoying.

That’s why I’m posting it here, to find whether someone has a better way to deal with the book, maybe a link to the isolated wrapper library itself, but without the pre-made examples, so that I could refer to it on a project of my own (use it as an actual library and nothing else).
Basically the way it feels right now is: I can’t add my own classes and code to it or code along with the book because the code the book teaches only works with a library that only works in a project I can’t edit, so I’m a bit lost on how to take the knowledge from it. Maybe I’m seeing it from the wrong angle?

Also, again, I’d like to question whether you guys think it’s viable, for a complete OpenGL beginner, to do it without the wrapper at all and still enjoy the book. Seems a bit tough given it skips a lot of stuff (like window creation and such) that is automated by the wrapper library.