read object data from a ASC file

I would like to know how can I render an object from an ASC file (modelized by opengl for exemple…) If somebody know a good tutorial or a good listing code, I’m very interested…thanks.frog

Does ASC mean ASCII file? If so, what kind of format?

ASC file, modelized by opengl? what do you mean? the only ASC file I know is from 3dstudio, and a parser can be easilly coded by just looking at sample ASC files. 3dsmax has a very good ASE file (ascii scene export), which contains virtually all scene data in easy to read ascii.
OpenGL doesn’t manage models. OpenGL only knows how to render triangles, not scenes. Your app should parse the ASC file, store the 3d data in your own structs, then render each object triangle by triangle in OpenGL. Check for tutorials and stuff.

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