Raytracer: Ensuring correctness

Hi everyone,

I am trying to render a boolean object in
my raytracer and I sporadically I get what
seems to be wrong shading or lighting values.
Can anyone suggests what I can do to ensure that the correct values are returned as by my raytracer.

The error is strange since I get different
values every time I run the raytracer on the same scene.

I’ve tried sticking a disable(GL_LIGHTING) in
the code. Also tried different positions of glColor3f() to force the right color to display. Any suggestions will be appreciated.



hm, you try raytracing with opengl? nice, very nice indeed…

now how do you draw your pixels? how do you do the boolean math? how do you do the lighting-stuff… just show as much as you can of your code and the more info you give the more easy it is to help…