Ray casting

Is there any tutorial\demos for ray casting with OpenGl?

Ray-casting with OpenGL,are u nuts?!

Raycasting is often referred to the technique used in old semi-3D games, which were actually 2D.

Raytracing is the more widely used term for 3D GFX, but raycasting is not wrong to use either.

Try search google for raytracing and opengl, that’s what I can tell (I haven’t actually done this, I just wanted to clarify some potential search-terms… Sorry).

You wouldnt actually use OpenGL for ray tracing per se, but you could use OpenGL to do a fast first hit check and then use ray tracing from then on, thats what Im going to do for my ray tracing engine. basically just use OpenGL to see which object is the closest to the screen for every pixel.

check this out: