Random terrain creating

I am looking for a great terrain creating algorithm. Terrain will not be so complex. It will be smooth then i will try to make my object able to move on that terrain . Can you advice such an algorithm. I found circles algoritm , do you have any idea about this algoritm.

here’s some explanation on the circles algorithm circles
for an easy way to generate terrains you could use a heigthmap

Can you explain me the height map ?
Do they have the x,z values and heights for each x,z ? Is this a height map


is a heightmap. A simple grayscale image, black (0x00) is the lowest and white (0xFF) the highest point.

a height map is a grayscaled image, where black means the lowest height and white is the highest. depending on how high you want the ‘hills’ to be is the whiter its going to be.

A heightmap is simply a one or two dimentional array of VECTORs (x,y,z values) which is used to render the terrain. The height, or y values, can be generated from various algorithms like the circle, mid-point displacement, fault line, fluid simulation, hill, or from an image like those above. With the image approach you first load the image into memory (probably a 2d array also, but not VECTORS) and read off the greyscale color for each pixel and set the y value of the corresponding vertex in your heightmap.

I have a working demo you can download if you are interested, which generates a small terrain using fluid, fault, hill, mid-point, image load, and a home gown algorithm. It’s a very simply test harness, so nothing too fancy, but it does demonstrate what types of terrains they generate. I might plug in that circle algorithm also.


Hi, Fahrenheit451:

Where can I download your sample?

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The skybox textures I made with terragen make the thing bloated unfortunately - hi-res bmp’s :frowning:

Lighting sucks, some bugs. Your milage may vary :slight_smile:

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