raining but how do i do it ??

as above

can someone give me an idea ??

i guess you could try doing them as particles but it sure gonna be slow as hell

Try looking at this link…

okay, i will take alook at the link

but it doesnt says anything helpful

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I’m thinking that the easiest and fastest would be to draw them as lines using glLineStipple to generate the gaps bewteen drops. Since you probably don’t want to draw a drop for each element of rain because of the speed considerations, you could just use short lines. This might also give the impression of motion blur to the drops too.

Worth a shot


or you might want to handle each ‘streak’ of rain as a particle. but instead of using a quad or triangle for the particle use a line instead. you would draw the line from the previous location of the particle to the current position of the particle. just a suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the suggestions
i will try them out