Radeon X700 PRO not working with shaders

I have Radeon X700 PRO card. Running Opengl version 2.1.2 and Shader language version 1.2. Ca not get vertex and color shaders to work with this card. Shaders do work with other cards though. Any thoughts as to why will be appreciated.

It’s kinda ancient, and ATi were focusing hard on glsl for their HD2x00 series back then.

X700 is a very old hardware. It is based on R420 hence supports only Shader Model 2.0. Your shaders probably use some newer features that are not supported. What errors do you get from GLSL compiler?

I am using VBO’s and apparently the X700 doesn’t support this. So I had to implement a new pathway for this condition. This fix my issue. Thanks All.

X700 does support VBO (unless you have some problems with drivers). VBO is introduced in OpenGL 1.5. You have probably eliminated shaders and that’s why your program works now.

I am using GLEE Version : 5.02 and this check fails or succeeds depending on how you look at it. :
if (!GLEE_ARB_vertex_buffer_object)
return false;
so none of the code for generating or binding the buffer is executed. I’m new to OpenGl so I thought this meant that VBO wasn’t supported.

That’s weird. Either GLEe is broken or tge ati doesnt export that extension. Try to use the core functions.