Radeon RX560 Vulkan Video Driver stuttering

I have been using my Windows 11 PC with Retroarch and AMD RX560 for some time without having any problems with the VULKAN drivers.
I have constantly updated both the drivers for AMD and Retroarch, today we find ourselves with version 1.17 of Retroarch, the AMD Adrenaline drivers 24.1.1. Unfortunately, I have already been forced to use the GLCORE video drivers for several versions since if I put the VULKAN video drivers I get constant and annoying stuttering.
At this point, to understand if the problem depended on retroarch or the AMD drivers, I downloaded the retroarch version 1.13 from Buildbot. I used the same Mame core and the same romset (0.197) and with the old retroarch version 1.13, I don’t have any stuttering problem with the Vulkan drivers, so this problem is present in version 1.17, 1.16 and maybe even some other older versions , but with version 1.13 everything works perfectly.
Can this problem be solved?