Radeon DRI problems with textures

Whenever I try to use textures (even single ones) they simply do not appear. Is there any related issue with radeon 7500 DRI drivers about texturing?

Also the performace is dammmed too slow. I get 3 Fps in simple appliactions with no more than 2000 vertex and a single light. With my GF2 PRO i get 300> FPS in the same application.

I ever read here that the radeon DRI drivers are so great… but how could be it?

Discovered that radeon driver…is loading…but not linked to anything…

anyone have an idea?

i know i have something about how to install & use correctly a Radeon, but i must refind it (i can’t get it now).

However, you could try to look at http://www.mandrakeexpert.com (or something like that easily findable under google for ie). there is a page where you could post your problem related to your installation. ‘don’t say you haven’t got a mdk if so’. I was on it for a while, and many people where asking for how to install correctly Nvidia drivers, intel and so on;

i hope this will help you. anyway, i’ll take a look for what i say above.


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