radeon 9600 mobility vs geforce go fx

Anybody currently using the radeon 9600 mobility? Just wondering how it measures up with the new geforce go fx. I’ve seen reviews on sites such as Tomshardware.com, but I can’t seem to find a list of OpenGL extensions supported on either card. I’m trying to decide which to get. Any info would be much appreciated.

they should support exactly the same features as their “big” parts.
at least for the radeon9600 i “know” that its just another radeon9600, modelled to fit into laptops.

oh, and the radeon looks like it performs much faster in modern rendering situations, just as on the desktop, too…


Jeese, either those benchmarks are biased, or the Geforce Go Fx really sucks!! I’m definitely going with ATI, especially for Halflife 2.